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Are you ready to take the next step towards a professional IT-environment? We offer a cross-functional platform with multi-channel access; all your tasks and processes can be managed from any location.



We offer custom made cloud solutions. We adjust your IT-environment entirely to fit your company’s needs.



Our mission is to make the transfer to a modern environment as easy as possible, with us you can make the switch to the cloud quick and secure.






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Referit consists of a solid team of IT professionals with a passion for their job. With us you will see  the Dutch mentality of ‘’don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk’’ come to life and we never quit until the problem is solved.

There’s a big chance you already used technology developed by Referit for our clients without even knowing it 


On the chart above you can see all the countries in which we make these implementations possible for our clients. Click the button to learn more about Number Portability and our other CEIR products.

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To understand cloud computing and the benefits it offers before making the transition, we answered 7 of the most frequently asked questions.

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