Number portability

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Number portability

Number Portability (NP) is defined as the ability for users of telecommunications services to retain, at the same location or device, existing phone numbers without impairment of quality, reliability, or convenience when switching from one telecommunications carrier to another.


It is a major step in the liberalization of telecom markets. Worldwide, the trend is that number portability is available and a standard solution. More than 120 countries have implemented number portability to date.

Number Portability benefits consumers by:

  • Lowering prices
  • Increasing options
  • More innovation
  • Higher service quality
  • Improved support
  • Larger coverage area

Number Portability benefits Regulators by:

  • Ushering in a more competitive landscape
  • Evening the playing field
  • Fueling innovation
  • Economic growth
  • Larger coverage area

What we do

Central Number Database, Gateway, and Number Porting Application creation, implementation, development, maintenance, and support. We make it possible for Regulators and Operators to implement and perform number portability. We make it possible for you to grant consumers freedom of choice to select their preferred provider.

Maintenance & Support

Testing & Implementation

Training & Manuals

Analysis & Development

How it works

With more than 20 countries powered by solutions we have developed, our process for implementation has been nailed down to a science. Efficiency, simplicity, security, scalability, reliability, and performance are at the core of what we deliver.

Our solution can be implemented in the cloud or in-country, according to the requirements or regulations of the countries’ Regulator. Proxona’s cloud-based architecture is fully redundant, built on the Microsoft Azure platform, and allows users to scale seamlessly without interruption. We build to a Pub/Sub Model with message queuing and maintain an API-first development philosophy to ensure a complete suite of RESTful APIs for back-office and existing systems integration. Our central database solution architecture, with gateway and central database solution, has been tested, reworked, and evaluated for maximum efficiency guaranteeing best in class functionality, reliability, performance, and security.


The porting process begins with the Recipient Operator who sends the porting request to the Donor Operator. This porting request is answered and an activation request is sent in return. The activation request is then confirmed by the Recipient Operator and the change is broadcast by the Proxona Central Database Solution to all Operators. Each step in the process is kept as simple as possible to reduce failure points and maximize performance speed.

number portability architecture
Number portability - The porting process

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