Application integration

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Why application integration?


Does your organization also process huge amounts of information about customers, products, employees, orders and so on? And are all these data spread across different systems? With application integration for the benefit of process integration Referit optimizes your business processes. We do this by linking all the different information flows and sources. Because of this employees always have access to the right information, anywhere.

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What are the advantages of application integration?

Improve internal processes

Automate, optimize and improve internal processes. Reduce manual processes and repetitive tasks.

Gain new insights

With the right data sources, you gain real-time and new insights based on consistent and accurate information.

Strengthen partner relationships

Automate partner processes and streamline internal processes to collaborate better.

Connect with your customers

Integrate with customer applications to improve products, services and customer experience.

Smart integration with Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)


Referit makes it possible to exchange the complexity in your IT environment for flexibility. We do this using a smart strategy; we link software through a central iPaaS. Curious about how we work? Read more about our approach and the solutions we offer.




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