Do you need a reliable and well-ordered online environment?


Choose axelerit®

Prevent interruptions in your business processes that only cost you money and time. And could compromise the quality of your products or services.


    • Because we developed, built and secured the back end, front end and backbone of our integrated IT-infrastructure, we know it through and through


    • Because of our background in the world of telecom and banking, where continuality is vital, our systems are designed for maximum stability


    • If an issue arises or a wish for expansion, we don’t have to invest any time getting familiar with the IT-infrastructure


  • We can act swiftly to whatever needs the most attention at that moment. This enables us to reduce interruptions to the absolute minimum. Our clients never have to worry about interruptions in their work

Referit never stops!
Referit never stops!

Are the number of different tasks driving you mad or are you having difficulties organizing them properly?

Save yourself the trouble of having to perform all your tasks manually and start automating them. We can help you to optimize your information logistics. We can make this possible by automating manual tasks in complicated business processes and make them more efficient, faster and less prone to human mistakes.


axelerit® = always the right information, on the right place, on the right time 

Which solution do I need?

Are your local servers still tucked away in an old storage room somewhere? There is a more professional solution!

Do you still work with old systems that badly need replacing? You are not the only one. When you start to notice you are ready for the next step, it’s probably time to re-design your IT-infrastructure professionally. A complete migration could even be realized during the weekend.


With axelerit® you’ll always find the right solution!

How do we do it?

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