Supply Chain optimization

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Supply Chain optimization



What is Supply Chain optimization?


A supply chain is the system or network used to move a product from the starting point to the customer. All parties involved in this process are interdependent and must work together to successfully achieve the end goal.


At Referit, we distinguish between internal and external supply chains:


Internal Supply Chain


The internal supply chain is located within an organization; think procurement, production, warehousing and sales.

External Supply Chain


The external supply chain includes everything outside an organization and includes information exchanges with suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, stores, other stakeholders and customers.

The advantages of Supply Chain optimization


Having an optimized supply chain ensures a good mutual cooperation that brings many benefits:

Faster and more flexible delivery 

Quality products and services 

Cost savings and returns





Higher customer satisfaction

Resilience in tougher times 



The added value of Supply Chain-management

Streamline your business processes 


Many companies adopt a vertical mode of operation. This means that each department or external party is only concerned with its own tasks, no more and no less. This approach can lead to miscommunications and delayed processes… Not very conducive to the main end goal: a satisfied customer! In order for processes to connect smoothly from front to back, it is crucial that all parties involved (internal and external) work together.

Integrated Supply Chain


Our specialists integrate all involved information systems within a process. This enables internal and external stakeholders to share information and coordinate actions horizontally. For example, an integrated supply chain ensures that trade is produced and distributed in the right quantities, at the right times and to the right locations.

Supply Chain optimization increases the value of the entire chain and optimizes the processes that lead to customer satisfaction!

Our approach


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