Process automation

Automating complicated business processes

Process automation



Do you sometimes lose track of things because of the large number of different tasks? Or do you lose valuable time by manually entering and processing data? Start with process automation! Optimize your information logistics with Referit by starting to automate complicated business processes.

Automating your processes already reduces manual operations by 75%!

Automation means fewer errors, lower costs and less time wasted. So from now on you can spend your time more efficiently on core activities that contribute directly to your organization’s revenue.


What is process automation? 


With process automation, you automate manual tasks or a series of more complex tasks. With the automation of error-prone and routine tasks, Referit provides greater efficiency and productivity.


Based on your needs and our Axelerit® approach, we determine which tasks within your company can be automated. This creates more overview within your company.


The benefits of process automation with Referit

Save costs immediately

Saving valuable time

Less manual labour

Real-time data updates 

Streamlined processes 

The result?

Higher customer satisfaction, satisfied employees, one truth and continuous process improvement!


Curious about our approach?


Want to know how we work or are you curious about our approach? Discover all the solutions we offer.

Start with process automation!


Why would you continuously perform the same task (manually) when you can do it automatically?

By automating these tasks, you save valuable time

to focus on the things that are really important to you. 

We connect all your applications to each other


Do you need various applications to carry out your business processes? We link them together, ensuring that the right information is available at the right time and in the right place. This way, all information and process flows within the organization are fully integrated within the chain.


An example: a request comes in via the webshop. The actions linked to this must be sent automatically at the right time to the warehouse, the financial department, the customer, etc. All actions and information for those involved (such as suppliers and logistics) are guaranteed in one place. This way you maintain a correct exchange of information and streamline the entire process.

Request comes in

Actions are automated

Streamlined process

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