Application modernisation

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Application modernisation

What is application modernisation?

Application modernisation enables you to give direction to the choices that are made when it comes to acquiring, integrating or phasing out applications. Are you modernizing your application landschape? Then the right strategy, which is in line with the business strategy, is essential.


A well-designed application architecture is scalable and ensures that your organization can quickly adapt to changing requirements.


Modernise your application landscape


Are you starting with application modernisation? This means you will be using more and more cloud applications. The more applications you use, the greater the chance that the bigger the chance that consistent information exchange does not take place. In an ideal situation, all applications would automatically exchange information with each other. But that is often precisely where things go wrong…


Are your applications sufficiently integrated? Do your applications meet the needs of your organization? Do the applications support the goals? We often see that the applications are not used in the most efficient and strategic way. An appropriate strategy is therefore indispensable!


Wondering where you should start? Together we look at the information logistics of the organization and which strategy fits best. Discover the benefits of an optimized and modernised application landscape!


The advantages of application modernisation

Responding quickly to changing business goals

A healthy and scalable application landscape

Higher returns and cost savings


How do we approach it?


Are you curious about how we work and what solutions we offer? Read all about our approach.

Tailor-made application modernisation



Starting with application modernisation can be quite challenging.

Referit has the knowledge and experience to advise you

on which strategy best fits your organization.

Our specialists support your organization in the design, realization and operation of the realized application platform.


The design and modernisation of your application landscape must be in line with your business strategy, but you must also think of application integration and the connection to processes. Referit looks at the current and future needs. Using our unique Axelerit® approach, we come up with a strategy and a solution based on a number of steps. Do you choose to replace your internal applications, switch to cloud applications or both? Our strategy for application modernisation gives you a handhold. 



Referit helps you to increase the efficiency of the organization by saving costs! Once the objectives are clear, we draw up an IT roadmap. This IT roadmap goes hand in hand with the strategy for your application modernisation. You can see the roadmap as a kind of diagram with all the processes in which different parts recur, such as the objectives, the timeframe and different links within the organization.

Understanding your application landscape


We start by mapping out your application landscape. In recent years, more and more applications are being introduced, each with their own functionalities. The result? Your application landscape becomes complex, causing you to lose the overview. Not only does this put you at risk of not being able to respond quickly to changing goals, it can also result in high costs. And precisely in this complexity we bring structure; a healthy application landscape is the foundation of a successful and agile organization.

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