IMEI Registration


We can win the fight against device fraud and theft 

The IMEI number explained

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a unique identification or serial number that all mobiles devices have.


Back in the early ’80s, Electronic Serial Numbers were created to give a unique identifier to mobile devices. Since then, usage of mobile devices has exploded and the need for proper registration began to play an important role.


The IMEI number explains the type of equipment and has different characteristics such as a 15 – 17 digit unique code, it’s used to identify equipment during first enrollment and you can access equipment using this code. It has a safe identifier and lastly it can be displayed on the screen of the device by entering *#060#

We are more connected than ever

In our technology-driven society, more than 67% of people worldwide have a mobile phone which equates to over 5,000,000,000 mobile phone users.


This opens the door to an incredibly lucrative cash cow for thieves. The reality is that whether your smartphone is white, black, or gold, it is now almost 30 times more valuable per ounce than a block of solid silver – and almost as easy to convert discreetly into cash.

Central IMEI Registration adresses both customer and government concerns like:


    • My mobile phone was stolen…


    • Was this used phone that I’m purchasing stolen?


  • Is this an original or a fake phone?
        • And…


    • How many mobile phones are active in my country?


    • Are these devices legally imported?


  • Fraud using fake phones

How does it work?

We work with the Regulator to design, implement, and maintain a custom database solution for the validation of IMEI numbers in a specific country using our Central Equipment Identity Registration (CEIR) solution.


This solution contains information for all categories of users on the legality of IMEI codes via web interfaces and public websites. CEIR allows for the exchange of IMEI code information to/from national mobile operators.


In addition, we set up separate (but connected centrally) exchanges for Customs, Law Enforcement, Regulators, and Operators. These databases are essentially equipped with ‘white’, ‘gray’, and ‘black’ lists to protect governments, businesses, and consumers from being impacted by fraudulent, stolen, and illegally imported devices.

The Result

Blocking the IMEI numbers associated with fraud or theft, you significantly reduce or negate the impact these devices can have on an economy.


And, it’s not just consumers that are plagued by these issues, it’s governments not collecting taxes on illegally imported devices, brand reputation damage, privacy risks, and a threat to national security.

We can offer a solution that has:

    • Continuous operation mode, with accompanying support and maintenance. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year


    • Reliability and service availability of no less than 99.9%


  • The ability to deploy the highest priority modules and functionality first (Government, Law Enforcement, Customs, Tax Services, Regulators, and Operators)

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