Customer cases

Customer cases

Customer case - INTRATUIN


A large company often requires an intricate IT-landscape and a good business strategy. How do they prevent losing oversight? 

Case: The entire chain from order to delivery had to function completely faultless within a certain amount of time. It was our mission to create order in a chaos of information and process flows.


Solution: We created a system where all applications can communicate with each other and exchange information correctly.



Result: We ensured the entire process never stops and reviewed/improved some of those internal processes. With the dashboard we created an overview of the entire chain, any hiccups can easily be spotted and solved.

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Are you familiar with the ‘Bring your own device’ principal? How do you ensure all devices can be used safely?

Case: Regulate the ‘Bring your own device’ principal within the company and secure all devices. Automate manual processes and/or data and encrypt them if necessary.


A system that provides a good insight in which devices (laptops and mobile phones) are being used and which data is accessible for that user.


Result: New devices are detected immediately, and all devices are protected with the latest security measures in case of theft or loss. Certain restrictions can be added and adjusted per user.

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Their mission: help children between 4 and 18 years old so they can participate with school- and other supported activities.

Case: Automate the sign-up process as much as possible to prevent mistakes being made in manual processes and to speed up this entire process.



Solution: An online portal where employees and parents can view and change/add data. We also automized their bookkeeping.



Result: They are now able to provide aid to children must faster and we eliminated the risk of human errors in the data and applications because of the automated tasks. They realized a steady growth over the past years and were able to provide much more children with financial help.

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Mistakes are easily made when you’re still working with excel sheets and manual tasks. Keeping information well ordered is most important when you’re working with a lot of clients.

Case: Making sure the files of Kerry Adco are always up to date and show the most actual prices from all the shipping companies they work with.


Solution: An online portal with a built-in search engine makes it easier to find all the current rates. Purchase orders are automatically added to the right shipping company.


Result: A transparent, quick and easy system. Bookings can be made without any issues which results in happy customers.

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Customer cases Referit - NIIOS


The renowned NIIOS Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery and research requires a reliable and modern IT environment. We helped them make the needed improvements. 

Case: The need arose for a more modern IT environment that was safer and quicker.




Solution: A Hybrid cloud solution, we built an entirely new environment to replace the old one.





Result: All employees now have access to their personal environment including files and e-mail accounts at any time and any place. This created the opportunity for a remote workplace.

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Customer case - ATL


In 2020, ATL Communications commissioned us to build an entirely new number portability platform for the US market. With this platform, we process over 150 million updates per month.

Case: To combine different processes in a new platform, tailored for the American market, that is able to process a large number of updates.


Solution: The complicated platform was delivered in time and fully certified. Customers in the United States have one system for all their Number Portability activities. It is fast, scalable, and modern.


Result: We’ve introduced a platform in another continent, entirely developed by Referit. Highly secure and available to guarantee the process will keep functioning 24/7.

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