Customer Cases


Making the entire chain of Intratuin function smoothly

Creating order in a chaos of information and process flows is what Referit realized at Intratuin, one of the best-known chains of garden centres in the Netherlands. The entire chain with all internal and external applications can function without problems by linking all business processes. The result? A transparent chain and increasing international growth.


Security within the ‘Bring your own device principle’.

Referit regulated and secured the ‘Bring your own device’ principle within Finext. After an overview of all devices, Finext automated their security and insight into the data, manual processes and they automatically encrypted data when necessary. This enabled all devices to be properly secured against theft, and they can add restrictions per user.

Kerry Logistics

A clear and transparent system for Kerry Adco

To keep Kerry Adco’s file correct and up-to-date with the latest rates of shipping companies and to easily create and send quotes. Referit realised an online portal with a ‘search engine’ function, in which they can look up all the rates quickly. Purchase orders are linked to the correct shipping company. What followed was a clear, smooth and transparent system where cargoes could be booked away without problems.

Stichting Leergeld

Helping as many children as possible with minimal income

Referit automated the application process and requests for reimbursements for children. This prevented manual errors and sped up the entire process. An online portal helped employees and parents see all data instantly and make adjustments. Children now receive help faster, there are fewer internal risks due to human error, and there is strong growth with offering help to children.


A new environment: hybrid solution to the cloud

The NIIOS (Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery) is innovative in corneal transplants and research, but it also requires modern IT. Referit provided a hybrid cloud solution and built a completely new environment to replace the old one. As a result, all employees now have access to their personal environment, including files and email accounts, anytime and anywhere. Also, remote working is now an option.


An entirely new number portability platform for the US market

ATL Communications is A Thought Leader who serves businesses from a unique and different carrier-neutral perspective. They wanted to combine different processes in a new platform. and asked us to build an entirely new number portability platform for the US market. With this platform, we process over 150 million updates per month. The platform is highly secure and available to guarantee the process will keep functioning 24/7.