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A clear and transparent system


Kerry Adco Logistics serves as an intermediary between the customer and the shipping companies, handling the complete export and import process from loading address to the buyer. The company is proud to call itself the number one provider of logistics services in the continent of Asia. They work with diverse clients from food & beverage, science, automotive, healthcare and fashion & lifestyle, to name a few. And they can transport cargo anywhere in the world.


When you are still working with Excel sheets and manual actions, mistakes are easily made. Add to that many customers, and you understand why order and correct data is essential. That was exactly what Kerry Adco Logistics asked for help with. The wish was for an accurate and up-to-date file with the latest rates of shipping companies so that quotations could be created and sent quickly. Referit delivered an online portal with a ‘search engine’ function, in which all rates can be searched easily. Purchase orders are linked to the right shipping company. The result? A clear, smooth and transparent system. In which cargoes can be booked away without problems. This also leads to satisfied customers.

Joop van Dijk: ‘’We take care of everything from a to b, and via c’’!

Kerry Adco

What was the reason to enlist the help of an IT company?


Joop van Dijk: ”The shipping companies we work with supplied special rates every month in a separate Excel sheet. This was difficult to keep in order from an administrative point of view and was therefore prone to errors”.  



What was the reason for choosing Referit?


Joop van Dijk: ‘”At Referit they understand our language and they listen carefully to what exactly our needs and goals are. The execution of the plans went perfectly.”



How was the project rolled out?


Joop van Dijk: ”After a number of personal conversations in which we went deep into our problems and areas for improvement, we developed a first system. The goal was to make this system as easy to use as the search engine of a well-known website to quickly find the prices of airline tickets. After that, we tested this with a number of our shipping companies. We also call this system ‘the search engine”.


Sander Immerzeel explains: ‘’The so-called ‘search engine’ makes a selection of shipping companies. It allows you to immediately create a complete quotation and send it as a PDF document to a client. Also, the status of the quotation can easily be adjusted in the system. Changes in prices can also be adjusted quickly. ‘’


Kerry Adco Logistics

Expand options


The search engine was initially developed for the transport of waste, paper and plastic waste and their fixed shipping routes. Later on, the options in the environment were expanded by developing a system that runs alongside it. Shipping companies with other types of cargo can now also be entered here.


Joop van Dijk: ”By linking a purchase order to an order in the system of the shipping company, everyone in the company can see what the quotation is based on. The system is now very clear and transparent, should there be any questions with a party this can easily be explained and the cargo can be booked away without any problems”.    


Joop van Dijk: ”The system is now very clear and transparent.”



Sander Immerzeel: ”If a company calls for transport, set 3 containers to China, then the people of Kerry Adco had to arrange that. All 10 employees also had to work in the same sheets and update them with the current data. In the first instance, it was especially important to be able to quickly communicate the right price to the customer.



How was the collaboration?


The collaboration with Kerry Adco went smoothly. We had a number of conversations to gain a good understanding of the situation. We then spoke by phone and e-mail and guided the process. In the end, we were able to solve the problem properly by asking questions and first doing research into what suits the company”.



What is the most positive result of this project?


Joop van Dijk: ”Faster and more accurate quotation is the most important thing. Furthermore, the follow-up was also very nice. We have made a number of adjustments to the system and everything was well picked up and followed up according to our wishes and requirements.”  


Sander Immerzeel: ”The pleasant cooperation results in a satisfied client”.




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