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An entirely new number portability platform for the US


The products, people, and carrier-neutral business model of ATL exist to level the playing field and empower businesses in the modern, dynamic world they live in. They build simple solutions to complex number management problems.


ATL Communications is A Thought Leader who serves businesses from a unique and different carrier-neutral perspective. For over 25 years, we built our reputation on trust. It’s only natural that we expand our product offerings to include local number porting.


In 2020, ATL Communications commissioned us to build an entirely new number portability platform for the US market. With this platform, we process over 150 million updates per month. In this blogpost we asked Sara Cleland, Product Owner of PortControl at ATL a couple of questions about this project.


What made you decide to develop a new platform with a new partner?


A lot of the enhancements that customers wanted were out of reach in the old platform. We needed to bring development, the product ownership and control to the ATL team. We wanted full control of the functionality and the needed enhancements in the platform, so we could decide which features to add to the platform for our customers.


The choice for Referit was based on their innovative thoughts on the platform, and their experience with developing Number Portability platforms which are being used in more than 20 countries around the world.



How did you experience the project from start to end?


During the development phase, there were many strategic discussions between the teams in The Netherlands and the US to make sure we gave our customers and market everything they were asking for in the first release. There were no issues when we launched. Switching customers over was seamless and flawless, and we gave them a more interactive platform that was easier to use than the old one.



What is the big difference in user experience switching from the old to the new system?


Increased functionality, interactive GUI, simplicity, and more features available for our customers. The system’s GUI is attractive and easy to use, making our customer’s work more enjoyable. PortControl keeps our customer’s employees precious time productive. In addition, we are on the verge of creating an end-to-end solution for local number porting. Our customers will no longer need to use other platforms to perform any facet of LNP – they have these core functions built in to PortControl: Explore, Orders, Network and Reports.



What was the reaction of the end-users on the new system? Was there any resistance?


All users were very excited when they saw the new platform. The only resistance that there may have been, would be with some of the customers that were using the API’s. This is no surprise, as new endpoints require additional development hours. With that being said, we were able to get everybody over flawlessly, and they loved the new look and feel of the product, the response times and the additional functionality.


Did the new product have an impact on your productivity or revenue?


This easy-to-use system is also a collaboration tool between companies. It increases collaboration between their teams and our team. They gain and implement new orders faster, and optionally they can hand over their pre-orders to the ATL team of experts. Any issues that may arise are solved quickly and that resonates throughout our platform.




What is the big differentiator between PortControl and other platforms?


There are multiple differentiators. Explore, which contains 10 years of porting data, has never been brought into one product in combination with the porting process, so we give consumers the ability to do anything they may need to do before the port, through the port and at the end of the port in one platform. PortControl is also uniquely positioned to act as a collaboration tool for internal teams and communication with the ATL team.


We give our customers the tools they need to complete their billing, their audits, their ports, their network maintenance – everything they need to do within one system.



Would you like to mention anything about the used technology?


I think we are the first number portability supplier in the US with a fully cloud-based solution as a service in Azure. It is fully redundant and state-of-the-art with a guaranteed high availability and high security. It is so fast and so intuitive, that technology is no issue anymore. Customers that are new in the business need less than 30 minutes training to learn how to use every functionality they need in the system.



What impresses you the most?


The fact that we implement wishes of our customers in short development cycles. We actively seek and collect user feedback in order to implement development sprints resulting in platform enhancements. Every 2 weeks, we add value to the system: sometimes small value that the customer wanted, or something larger as part of a bigger sprint.



Something else you would like to mention?


We are impressed with the developers we worked with. It was a learning experience for all of us, but the collaboration was and still is excellent.

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