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Whether you are already using the cloud or not, Referit has the ideal product and the best cloud & hosting service for you. We do not make it harder than it is and focus on concrete solutions and benefits for our customers. In doing so, we take your business to the next level. Whatever your new environment looks like, we always ensure a seamless and smooth transition.


The cloud: an efficient way of working 



More and more organizations are switching part or all of their operations to the cloud. This is understandable because working from the cloud is more efficient and allows you to be flexible with the resources at your disposal! We have seen many trends and developments with more than 25 years of experience as an ICT specialist and more than ten years in cloud computing. Based on this, we can conclude one thing: for a smooth transition to the cloud, the right strategy is essential.

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Professional migration to the cloud 


We ensure a smooth transition and professional support within your transition to an efficient way of working! The transition to the cloud is not something we take lightly. The technical modifications involved take time. Employees also have to get used to this new way of working. How do you extend this new standard to the entire operational management? Even more so: where do you start? Fortunately, the transition to the cloud is easier than you think.


Referit takes you step by step in developing the right strategy so that you can switch smoothly.


Selecting the right cloud strategy


Taking stock of your application landscape 


Performing the migration

Your data safe in the cloud 


When developing the right strategy, we look at the different options using Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud. Public Clouds focus on generic applications, such as Microsoft Azure, Salesforce and SAP. Private Clouds are set up specifically for your business, where you can choose which software and other resources are purchased and used. Hybrid Clouds combine the Private and Public Clouds. These clouds work independently of each other but can exchange data with each other. In this way, you can make optimal use of the advantages of two different forms of storage. Whichever format you choose, the cloud will always store your data securely.


As a company, you want to grow; the right cloud form and cloud strategy will help you do so!

The cloud is the safest place to store your data.

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Hosting and support with Referit 


Most IT environments, cloud-based or otherwise, are growing steadily. As the need grows, they add servers, operating systems, network functions, storage, middleware, and applications. Maintaining and updating all these different assets is a time-consuming task. In addition, developments are growing rapidly. How do you make sure you keep up? By outsourcing your hosting and management to our Referit specialists, you don’t have to think about that yourself.

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